Success at Area Contest

Tuesday 12 March 2013

“Compelling from Start to Finish, full of detail and musicality” is how the performance given by the Lanner and District Silver Band at the West of England Area Championships this weekend was described. 

They were required to perform “Brass Triumphant”, music written by Welshman Gareth Wood.The Lanner band were placed 2nd out 13 bands in the first section narrowly being squeezed from the number 1 spot by the Filton Band from Bristol.  Both bands will represent the West of England at the National Finals in Cheltenham in September. 

The outcome of this contest, combined with consistently good results in the previous 2 years will see the Lanner Band promoted to the Championship Section from January next year.

Musical Director, Stuart Chappell, said, “The band is doing really well, we’ve all put a lot of hard work into preparing for the contest.  The music set for us was great and the whole band thoroughly enjoyed the preparations.  We came off stage knowing that we played well and achieving a place at the national finals and a return to Championship Section status is a true testament of how far we’ve come over the last few years”.

Stuart’s thoughts were echoed by band Chairman, Lee Rouse, “We’ve become a wonderfully vibrant organisation.  2013 marks a very special y1st_section_cheltenham_bound_for_lanner__district.jpgear in the band’s history.  Not only have we started the year with resounding contest success and promotion to Championship level, the highest echelon in banding, we will also be moving into our new headquarters in about 3 months time.  We’re all ‘chomping at the bit’ to launch our bid for the National title from our new home.  We’re delighted to be one of a number of Cornish bands to have won invitations to compete in the National Finals in their respective sections and offer our congratulations to Camborne Junior Contesting Band who will represent the 4th Section, Bodmin Band in the 3rd Section and Pendennis Brass in the 2nd”.

Band President, Leon Youlton, added, “As a former player with the band it has been truly wonderful listening in on rehearsals, under Stuart’s inspirational direction, the band is making a great sound and the feeling around the band is one of pure comradeship, you can tell they really enjoy being together making music in the way they do.  Not only have they been working hard on making music, they have all been giving up their weekends helping with the construction of the band’s new headquarters”. 

The 1st Section National Finals will take place on 22 September 2013 at Cheltenham.

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