Community Project hit by Thieves

Tuesday 9 April 2013

Community Project hit by Thieves

A community project in Lanner has been targeted by thieves. The members of Lanner Band were dismayed to learn that the new headquarters they are building for themselves and the local scout troop were broken into at about 11:15pm on Monday 8 April 2013. Fortunately, there was little of value at the site but thieves did make off with 3 fuse boards valued at about £160.

The thieves broke into the new scout headquarters, breaking through a double glazed doorway and then moved to the main building on the site where they broke through a double glazed window.

Band chairman, Lee Rouse, said, "It's so disappointing that this has happened. We are nearing completion of the build which will provide a music facility for the whole community as well as providing the village's scout troop with their own badly needed headquarters. The whole project is about supporting the local community in a very positive way. This is the second time in 3 months that the site has been targeted. We accept anyone into the band, our academy ranges from age 5 to 75 and nobody is discriminated against. I feel really let down that when so much time, effort, hard work and care has gone into this building, someone seems to think it's OK to come and damage it and take things that don't belong to them. If these people don't have anything better to do, we'll happily teach them how to spend their time more productively. We know that our academy is loved by its members and they get a great deal out of what we have to offer".

Sam Academy.jpg7 year old Sam Gilbert (pictured) whose father, Jeremy, plays in the band and is the band secretary saw the damage. Sam told his Dad, "It makes me very sad. Why did someone want to break the window? If I broke a window I would be told off. Did the person that did this get told off?"

Project Manager, Richard Rowe, was contacted about the damage early on Tuesday morning and has estimated the cost of putting it right at about £800. However, a witness has been found who reported that two people were seen at the site at about 11:15pm, heard the glass break and called the police. Shortly after, a car was heard driving off at speed.

Security measures were planned for the buildings but this incident has caused these measures to be enhanced and brought forward.

Anybody who was in the area at about this time on Monday night and may have information that will help identify the perpetrators are asked to share their information with the police quoting crime reference AC131292.

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