Trophy delights at Lanner

Monday 17 June 2013

Haul of trophy delights at Lanner.

The Lanner and District Silver Band descended on the Cornish Village of Bugle en masse on Saturday.  Both the Senior Band its Academy Band took put in the West of England Bandsman’s Festival with phenomenal results.

The Senior Band competed in the First Section and secured 1st place for its performance of the march Flying Eagle by H. L. Blankenburg and 1st place for its performance of “Kingdom of Dragons” by Phillip Harper who was also the contest adjudicator.

The senior bands joy did not end there though, solo euphonium player Matthew Rowe was awarded the prize for the best player in the section and, to cap it all, best euphonium player of the whole day.  Matthew’s celebrations went on late into the night when the band serenaded him with “Happy Birthday” at midnight.  Matthew said, “I’ve had a great day, I came off stage feeling really good, I was pleased with how I played and I felt very proud to be part of the performances we gave”. 

This will be Matthew’s penultimate performance with the band. Immediately after performing with the Lanner Band at the National Finals contest in September, he will take up his place at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Speaking after hearing the results, Musical Director, Stuart Chappell, said, “I was delighted with the way we played today.  I set the band a challenge of preparing our performance in just 6 rehearsals and each and every player came up trumps.  We’re especially proud of Matthew Rowe. 

Lanner is the only band he has been a member of and it is a testament to the approach we have of developing our players; Matthew is now firmly established as one of the most respected euphonium players in the South West.  For him to secure one of only two places for euphonium players at the Royal Welsh proves just how far he’s come.  This does mean however that we are now seeking a replacement euphonium player and Matt will prove hard act to follow”.

The quadruple success of the Senior Band was not enough for the Lanner and District Silver Band organisation however.  The Academy Band succeeded in claiming 1st place ahead of stiff competition from St Stythians and Indian Queens in the training band section.  Again, just coming first was not quite good enough as the band’s percussionist, Daniel Matthews, was awarded the special prize of best instrumentalist in the section.

Academy Director, Phil Matthews and proud father of Daniel, said, “We’ve had a great day at Bugle today.  This is only the third contest the Academy has competed in.  All our players have been trained from scratch by us and I’m so proud of them all.  It’s wonderful that Daniel was awarded best instrumentalist, especially given that he’s only been playing for a couple of years. 

At Lanner, we have a well structured program which welcomes anyone into the organisation, through to having tutors to take them to the stage where they can play in the Academy Band and will then take them into the senior band.  What we’ve achieved today is a clear demonstration that we have a great approach especially when you consider that for the last 12 months we have been working out of temporary accommodation.  Having moved into our purpose built HQ a couple of weeks ago, I am relishing what the future holds for us”.

Band Chairman Lee Rouse rounded off the celebrations with some comments of his own, “Needless to say we are overjoyed with today’s results.  Although it feels like my feet have hardly touched the ground since, every time I think about it, something new comes to mind; this is our 9th consecutive podium finish, the contest day was exactly 1 year to the day when we were awarded a grant of £200,000 to build our new headquarters, it is the first time since the 1980s that both senior and junior wings of our organisation has competed at the same contest and to make the day especially sweet we premiered the Road March version we recently commissioned of the “Lanner Falcon” concert music that was written for the band in 1995 by Goff Richards.  On this last note, so much interest was shown that we are now looking to publish the concert version and I’m sure more details of that will follow in due course”.

The full results are;RESULTS:

Championship Section

Hymn: Jerusalem 

1. St Austell (190 points)

2. St Dennis (189 points)

3. Roche Brass (187 points) 

Championship Section

Test Piece English Heritage 

1. St Austell (192 points)

2. St Dennis (188 points)

3. Roche Brass 187 (points) 

Best Player Hannah Hawken (St Austell) 

First Section

March: Flying Eagle 

1. Lanner and District (191 points)

2. Bugle Silver (189 points)

3. St Pinnock (187 points) 

First Section

Test Piece: Kingdom of Dragons 

1. Lanner and District (190 points)

2. Bugle Silver (189 points)

3. St Pinnock (187 points) 

Best Player Matthew Rowe (Lanner) 

Second Section

March: Royal Trophy 

1. Bodmin Town (186 points)

2. Swindon Pegasus (184 points) 

Second Section

Test Piece: Gallimaufry Suite 

1. Bodmin Town (182 points)

2. Swindon Pegasus (181 points) 

Best Player Michelle Hudson (Bodmin) 

Third Section

Test Piece: Vizcaya 

1. Heyl Town (182 points)

2. Camborne Junior Contest (179 points)

3. Tadley Concert Brass (178 points) 

Best Player Adrian Allen (Heyl Town) 

Fourth Section

Test Piece: Petit Suite de Ballet 

1. Camborne Junior Contest (180 points)

2. Lostwithiel Town (178 points)

3. Okehampton Excelsior Silver (177 points) 

Best Player David Wilton (Camborne Junior Contest) 

Youth Section (Own Choice) 

1. Mount Charles (180 points)

2. St Austell (178 points) 

Best Player Megan ThomasBest Cornet Player Jacob Griffiths 

Training Section (Own Choice) 

1. Lanner Brass Academy (180 points)

2. St Stythians (177 points)

3. Indian Queens (176 points) 

Individual Awards

Best Soprano Sam Johns (St Austell)

Best Solo Cornet Hannah Hawken (St Austell)

Best Euphonium Matthew Rowe (Lanner)

Best Solo Horn Mark Letcher (Roche Brass)Best set of Basses St D

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