1. Flugel Horn – Tracey Stevens

    Tracey started playing at the age of 11 after being caught in the front of the dinner queue for lunchtime clubs only and was subsequently marched to the brass club as punishment. Three weeks later she joined the Hayle Junior Band.

    Taught by the late Albert Chappell and several peripatetic brass tutors, by the age of 14 Tracey joined the Cornwall Youth Brass Band and Camborne Town Band under the baton of Stephen Sykes. During her time with Camborne, Tracey was fortunate enough to, at the age of 15, play at the Royal Albert Hall and the All England Masters at Cambridge.

    In 1990 at the age of 17, Tracey returned to Hayle Town Band as principal cornet until 2001. In 2002, Tracey saw a short move to Soprano Cornet whilst under the baton of Derek Johnston gaining 3rd at the Nationals in 2002 and going on to win the title at the Regional contest in 2003, later coming 2nd in 2004 and 3rd 2005. Tracey left Hayle at the end of 2005 to raise her family.

    Tracey’s most memorable personal achievement was winning with the air varie Rule Britannia at Bugle solo contest in 1990 and becoming the first female to win the trophy in its 11 year history.

    After a 16 year break, Tracey has decided to return to her love of brass banding joining Lanner in 2021.

    During the day, Tracey is a Receptionist and Purchase Order and HSE Administrator for H Tempest Ltd.


  2. Solo Horn – Mark Phillips

    Profile to follow…

  3. 1st Horn – Tracey Smith

    Tracey started playing in Lanner band at the age of 8 after helping out in the junior band nativity performance! During her teenage years Tracey played in several other bands, including the Cornwall Youth Brass Band under the guidance of Albert Chappell as well as many other influential conductors including Ray Farr, Howard Snell, Robert Childs, Nicholas Childs, Richard Evans, Leonard Adams and Derek Greenwood, to name a few.

    Whilst in Cornwall Youth she made lifelong friends and gained musical knowledge. In 1993 whilst on tour in Austria with the Cornwall Youth Brass Band, Tracey met Jason. At this time Tracey had returned to Lanner Band, but after a period of time, due to rehearsals being on a different night, Tracey joined Jason in Camborne Band. During this time she enjoyed playing under the direction of Derek Greenwood and Leonard Adams with guest conductors Frank Renton and Richard Evans.

    One of the most memorable occasions was in 1998 when Tracey realised her dream of playing on stage at the Royal Albert Hall for the National Finals of Great Britain, even though she only had her daughter 7 weeks before! And yes, Morwenna went too. Following a 13 year break from playing, Tracey returned to Lanner Band in 2011 to help out the Academy, along with Jason, as their children, Morwenna and Elliot had started their musical journey. As Morwenna and Elliot have progressed the four family members are now playing full time in the senior band.

  4. 2nd Horn – Tracey Phillips

    Profile to follow….

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