About Us

The Academy aims to provide an environment where children and young people, irrespective of ability or background, can learn to play a brass instrument, improve their musical skills, perform successfully as a band and develop an understanding of discipline, self respect and teamwork.

The emphasis is on achieving high musical standards… whilst having fun! The Academy could be described as a “musical Youth Club”, and the social side is as important to our youngsters as the playing.


The Lanner Brass Academy meets on Monday and Thursday evenings, 6.15 to 7.30 at the Bands rehearsal facility, at the top of Lanner Hill.  In addition we welcome ‘beginners’ on Monday’s where individual/group tuition can be provided.


All tuition, music etc is provided, members pay a small subscription for this as well as a charge for the ‘hire’ of an instrument, this is to ensure the continued financial viability of the Academy and enables it to ensure that all instruments are kept up to a suitable standard.  Members and their parents are encouraged to take part in fund raising activities, not only to provide funds for the Academy but also to strengthen the teamwork and community spirit of the organisation.

The Lanner Brass Academy is governed under the constitution of the Lanner and District Silver Band.  In addition the Academy has its own code of conduct and expectations for its members.

A copy of these can be found here.

We welcome all new players at whatever stage of their musical journey

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