Lanner band Go Orange for MS Awareness

Last week was MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Awareness week and the MS Society ran a go ‘orange’ campaign to raise awareness.

In full support of this our members turned orange at rehearsal . To top that the band played “Concierto de Aranjuez” Made popular in the banding world by its inclusion in the iconic film, Brassed Off, and affectionately known as “Orange Juice”.

One of the band members has had MS for 25 years and is a support volunteer with the local MS Society South and West Cornwall group so when she asked if the band would join in and support this event the immediate response was yes and what shall we do! The result was simply ‘wear orange’, which as can be seen from the pictures was fully supported and brightened up rehearsal. This is just the start of the bands support. Planning is in progress for a charity concert to hopefully raise some funds in support too.

MS – Multiple Sclerosis effects an estimated 1400 in Cornwall. M S is often diagnosed mid to late 20s and is a chronic neurological illness with no cure. M S is unpredictable and causes a range of different symptoms including impaired mobility, cognitive function , vision disturbance, pain and fatigue. Everybody’s symptoms are different and can change over time and progress and the future is very hard to predict but symptom management is improving all the time.

The M S society South and West Cornwall is looking to support anyone with the condition in Cornwall or help support their family and friends. There are meetings, activities and where needed financial support or grants. So if you know anyone with MS in your local area please let them know about us so we can help and support them.

If you or anyone you know would like to get involved or needs support please contact

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